Crystal Scanner

This project consists of a table, crystal, and crystal material based on part of a concept art piece by Andrey Serov. I wanted to apply a variety of hard surface modeling techniques and improve on previous work I had done with minerals. This project took about 8 weeks to complete.

Working from concept art that only showed one side of the object required that I infer or imagine what the unseen surface and angles would look like. Getting the crystal to look right required a lot of adjustments as I had to reverse engineer what it would look like without the lighting from the scanner and room. I also used a curvature map for the subsurface material to control transitions between different colors, opacity, and interior detail depths.

Modeling all the small details on the table and playing around with different effects on the crystal was a lot of fun and I am already thinking of more mineral effects I can represent through Unreal’s shader graph.

"Crystal Engineering" by Andrey Serov: